The Program

Jubilee to College is Jubilee Housing’s Initiative to Provide Financial Assistance to College Bound Jubilee Residents.

Jubilee to College offers up to $2,500 per year per student for tuition, room and board, or books/supplies.  As long as the students remain in good standing, they can receive up to $2,500 for their 2 or 4 years in college.  The goal is to help them not only go to college but to stay in college and graduate.

2013 Recipients

2013 Recipients

According to the New York Times, fewer than 30% of students in the bottom quarter of income enroll in a four-year school, and currently fewer than half of those graduate.  A big reason for this is money.  In contrast, most of the graduates of Jubilee’s Teen Renaissance afterschool program have gone on to higher education, and they are staying with it!

The Program is administered by Jubilee Housing, a 501-C3 no profit organization, registered in the District of Columbia ( .  All donations to Jubilee to College are tax-deductible (please consult you tax advisor).

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